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Americans need help paying for their mental health and wellness care

Now you can help with your charitable contributions


We Believe

Everyone deserves access to effective mental health and wellness, regardless of their financial limitations 


Assuring the most effective mental health and wellness care is affordable to all

Our Mission

United Wellness Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the primary mission to research and finance innovative solutions that ensure affordable access to effective mental health and wellness care for all. We are building a network of both private and public partners, encompassing esteemed Fortune 100 companies, foundations, as well as passionate individuals. Together, we strive to generate funds that will be directed towards groundbreaking initiatives in mental health and wellness care, serving as a catalyst for encouraging and promoting a lifestyle characterized by well-being.


Our solution


We pool charitable contributions from sponsors into a community fund

We have introduced an unprecedented initiative that brings sponsors together in communities, pooling their charitable contributions into a single fund dedicated to mental health and wellness care. Our approach allows sponsors to unite in a community to contribute towards the well-being of their loved ones while enjoying full tax benefits associated with making contributions to a 501(c)3 entity.


Care is delivered through BlueDot Wellness

Through our partnership with BlueDot Wellness, a leader in delivering the most effective mental health and wellness care, we ensure that care reaches people for them to get well and stay well.  Together with BlueDot Wellness, we are transforming the landscape of mental health and wellness care, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.


Ways to Sponsor

You can choose 

Sponsors like you are the backbone of providing essential mental health and well care assurance coverage to everyone.  There are many ways to contribute, you get to choose what best suits you

Contribute for your loved ones

Making a charitable contribution for someone’s life supporting mental health and wellness care. Your targeted contribution is a meaningful way to help them be well and stay well. If you prefer, you have the option to remain anonymous. Once we’ve processed your contribution, we’ll send you an acknowledgment letter that serves as your tax receipt.

Image by Duy Pham

Safe and affordable 

psychedelic-assisted therapy for all

Psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT) brings hope to individuals seeking relief from distress, as it provides them with the opportunity to confront the underlying causes of their mental health challenges. This innovative approach leads to more profound and lasting relief for patients. In PAT, ketamine serves as a legal and FDA-approved medicine that is utilized nationwide. 


Veterans' Mental Health & Wellness care

Veteran wellness care refers to the provision of physical, emotional, and mental health services to veterans, who are individuals who have served in the military.

Support Mental Health of Young Adults

Young adults' mental health and wellness care is an increasingly crucial aspect of their overall well-being. During this transformative stage of life, young adults often face a multitude of challenges, including academic pressures, career decisions, relationship complexities, and financial responsibilities. Addressing their mental health needs is essential to ensure they have the necessary support systems in place to navigate these challenges successfully. 

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Healthy Workplace

With the independent support and generosity of companies like yours, we can provide assurance coverage for mental health and wellness of your employees, essential care for where it’s needed most.  Currently we are working  with companies based in the United States only

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Have any questions, or want to know more about how you can contribute?


About us

Founded in 2023, United Wellness is a community that cares, a non-profit organization to provide the most effective and affordable mental health and wellness care to all. We’re a diverse team of passionate, curious entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise. 


United Wellness Foundation

© 2023 United Wellness Foundation

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