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Recreate Your Desired Reality With the MAP Method

MAP can turbocharge your life goals by helping you release unconscious limiting beliefs and disempowering emotions. As humans, it’s normal for us to run away from pain and suffering and constantly seek pleasure. We’re hardwired to do this. It’s how we’ve managed to survive as a species.

But sometimes, too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing, know what I mean? Let me explain.

Whenever we feel stressed about something, it’s because we’re resisting our current reality. You’re wishing things would be different than they currently are. And that creates resistance.

When we resist like this, what we want actually slips further and further away from our grasp, and the very thing we’re resisting tends to keep coming back into our lives.

Ever wondered why people end back in the same kind of relationships, never seem to be able to keep the money they have no matter how much more of it they make, or repeat the same disempowering behaviours over and over again?

This is hard to see sometimes, especially when you’re someone like me, where it was precisely because of my ability to ‘resist’ my current reality that led to my success in school and my career.

I knew early on if there was something I didn’t have that I wanted, I’d have to work for it. And work for it, I did!

I wasn’t always the smartest person, but I was always the one willing to do twice the work to get what I wanted. I pushed myself hard. All the time, in almost everything I really wanted.

This worked well for me in school and my career for many years until it didn’t.

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