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United Wellness Foundation unites communities of sponsors

By joining hands with United Wellness Foundation, sponsors like corporations, foundations, friends and families make a tangible difference in people's lives by providing financial support for their mental health and wellness needs. 


Donor-Advised Benefits

Empowering Contributions for Mental Health and Wellness Care

Our Donor-Advised Benefits Platform empowers individuals, families, foundations, nonprofits, and organizations to make meaningful contributions towards the mental health and wellness care of their loved ones


BlueDot and United Wellness Foundation unite communities of sponsors to deliver the world's most effective and affordable mental health and wellness care solution

Accessible to everyone through BlueDot Assurance Care Coverage 

Ways to Sponsor

Contribute now, decide later

Through your personal charitable savings account

Your free personal charitable savings account

United Wellness Foundation enables you to create your own personal donor-advised fund (DAF), a philanthropic giving vehicle like a charitable savings account. It provides an immediate tax benefit to you, and allows you to easily support mental health and wellness care for people and communities of your choice over time.

* This feature is currently in beta

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Contribute through your personal charitable savings account

We create your personal charitable savings account when you apply. You can easily add contributions to the account anytime you want and get immediate tax benefits. You contribute from your account for someone’s mental health and wellness at any time.

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We're in this together

By harnessing the power of collective giving, we create a community-driven approach to mental health and wellness care. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of individuals and contribute to a society that values and prioritizes mental well-being. Join our Donor-Advised Funding Platform and be part of the movement to create positive change in mental health care.

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